Suicide Girl
I'm not stayin' here, I'm goin' on my way
Had a lotta fun and, I really wish I could stay
It got kinda crazy, when you tried to kill yourself
All those people said that when I left I was only thinkin' of myself
How can I think about anything
Sat by my phone that night Waiting for it to ring
But you, you never called
Told you I needed my freedom
You took a bottle of pills
Your ma called me screamin' the news yelling bout doctor bills
I told her I was sorry she just started to cry
She said the doctors didn't know if you would live or die
And I, I don't know why
Did you want to get away from me or did you just want to fly
Please please tell me why
Oh suicide girl I wish I'd, never left your arms
It's gettin' so cold and I need you, need you to keep me warm
When I told you I loved you I meant every word that I said
When you tried to kill yourself it was me who ended up dead
Oh I miss you so much I really want you to call
It's been so long would you remember me at all
I don't think I could see you again cause you broke my heart and I can't pretend
Why you wanna make me feel this way
I can't go on one more day
Oh help me God, I don't need these drugs
This bullet will set me free

Thanks to Bob Dancer for the lyrics.