Mother Fucking Blues
I've had women man from coast to coast
troubles follow me they just wont go
but someday baby my luck is gonna change
and everyone is gonna know my name

Done a lot of cheatin baby just to get by
I made a hundred bitches break down and cry
someday I'm not gonna have to lie
and everyone is gonna wanna get me high

I dont need no money honey i dont need no car
I dont need no whores waitin at the bar
all I need honey are cigarettes and booze
and I get rid off this motherfucking blues

I'm not shy baby I'm not proud
I'm not sexy but I'm fucking loud
I'm everything that I wanna be
dont have nothing but at least I'm free

It doesnt matter babe where I end up
Fucking in a limo or a pick up truck
Either way honey I'll be drunk
And I dont really give a fuck

E A B7 E

E A B7 E-A-B7

Thanks to Berni for the lyrics and chords!